The Things I Learned From Losing My V-Card Too Young

A blogger opens up about rushing to grow up

It’s interesting to note that the average age of virginity-loss is rising in the U.S., and teen pregnancies are down across the board. These are just statistics, however, which means that there are outliers in the equation. Some teens have intimate relations at a very young age, and it can affect them in ways that can have long-lasting consequences. Their young trysts can harm them emotionally, mentally, and physically and many have to do serious work to regain their happiness.

This particular blogger engaged in these activities at such a young age that she decided to use her story to warn others about the negative consequences of rushing into bed. She stated, “In hindsight, it is painfully obvious how far away I was from ‘ready to have sex’ when I replay the scenario, but my insecurities and possibly uncertainty in dealing with men and everything I had learned from the way my father treated women catapulted me into grown-a** behavior that I was totally unprepared for.”

Here is her story…

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She felt little pieces of herself leaving every time she went through with it
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