People Share the Things Their Partner Does That Pisses Them Off but They’ll Never Talk About

What's the elephant in your room?

The best part of a relationship is the beginning. From getting to know each other to fun in the sheets to opening up to someone to you can trust, falling in love creates a natural high from the newness. Once the newness fades, things reach a natural coast.

Not to say it’s all downhill after the honeymoon period, but when a couple has been together a long time, someone’s tiny little quirks can add up. We’re talking small things. (For example, my ex hated that I would slurp my tea or coffee and pick at my cuticles… things that were not worth fighting over but made him him cringe nonetheless.)

It’s perfectly normal to get a little aggravated with the annoying things your partner does, especially since you have to deal with them everyday. And just to prove that you’re not alone, these Redditors in long term relationships chime in with the pet peeves they have of their partners.

Credit: Dean Drobot/Shutterstock

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