These Women Got Epic Burns When Asking People Out on Dates

A little Neosporin is in order

Award-winning s*x and relationship blogger Dami Olonisakin (better known as “Olani”) has over 51k Twitter followers. So, when she told her Twitter family to ask their crush out then show her the proof, she got a lot of responses.

“Ladies ask that guy you fancy out on a date and tweet me a screen shot of his response,” Olani tweeted. Dubbed the #DateChallenge, the blogger was trying to encourage women to make the first move. Naturally, the responses were varied.

Some women had luck. Twitter user @ayetaytay_ had her crush respond: “Hell yeah!! I been in love with you since the first day we met. Bring that a** here gurl!!” Meanwhile, user @writeralys’ crush wanted to go out that same night.

Other women, unfortantly, weren’t so lucky. Some got politely turned down, but a lot of the guys were really rude about it. Get ready to cringe.

Source: Twitter @SerekoKarabo

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