The Most Shameful Things That Have Happened To People While Getting Their Freak On

Shame. Cringe. Humor.

Usually when people get it on, it’s serious business. It requires concentration, turning off your brain, being in the moment, reading your partner’s cues, and more. Most of the time a normally sexy sesh goes off without a hitch (as long as both parties are satisfied).

But sometimes weird stuff happens in the middle of doing it. A fart you can’t hold in, falling off the bed, or yelling the wrong name. Hundreds, if not thousands of things can go awry in the bedroom.

One of the worst things that has happened to me was I was the day I lost my virginity. You see, my mom decided to come home early. I hid my boyfriend in the closet but there’s no hiding that smell from someone who has had decades of experience. So, yeah, my first time was memorable. But that huge embarrassment has nothing on these tales.

These Redditors share some absolutely insane stories of screwing around.

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