The Worst Sexual Advice Ever Given to A Virgin

You're gonna do it wrong!

The internet was in its toddler stage when I lost my virginity. I was going in with what I heard from strangers off internet chats, media depictions, and what I learned in health class. We didn’t have Google then, where you can instantly find millions of stories from people’s first time having intercourse. We also lacked easily accessible articles from doctors telling us that everyone’s first time is different. Having that information and advice has to make things go smoother for virgins these days.

There are countless articles, blogs, and message boards giving advice to virgins now, so they should be pretty confident going into bed. But the sexperts at r/AskReddit decided to get silly and users came up with the absolute worst things you can say and do the first time you you get it on.

Enjoy (and don’t try these)!

Credit: Estrada Anton/Shutterstock

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