The Strangest Places People Have Had a Steamy Sexcapade

Out of the Bedroom and into the Streets!

You can’t really help when you get that itch in your pants. It could happen at work, walking down the street, or even at your mom’s house. Usually the feeling will pass… but, sometimes, it just won’t. That’s when you need to take action immediately.

A lot of people love to get frisky outside of their house. Some folks get a high from the thrill of public s-x; some couples just get so hot at the bar that they can’t wait for the Uber ride and end up hitting the bathroom stall to enjoy their bodies. If you’ve never left the privacy of your own home or hotel room for sexy times, you can live vicariously through these Redditors. Some of them may have pushed the limits of decency, but maybe they will give you some ideas of your own.


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