One Lesson People Wish They Learned Earlier That Would Have Changed Their Game In Bed

We need an advanced class

Chances are that if you were even lucky enough to have even taken a health class in school, they just covered the basics: Condom on the banana, some drawings of the insides of your reproductive organs, and maybe some STI coverage. It almost seemed like most of those teachers forgot what it was like to be teenager full of hormones and horniness. While nowadays young people can just easily Google questions about puberty and intercourse before being sexually active, there’s still intimate details on fornication that aren’t often written about.

Sexual education talk can be endless because there’s always something new to learn. Unfortunately a lot of people had to figure it out on their own. Many had no idea what was normal and what was not when it comes to the bedroom. That ends today, because these sexually experienced Redditors are sharing the things that they wish they had known before hooking up.

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