Is It the Right Time to Free the Nips?

Is it time to free 'em?!

With each wave of feminism comes different objectives, different outlooks, and more inclusion. I was a teenager during the start of the third wave, which featured angry riot grrls and women who wanted to take back the words used against women for centuries. It happened around the time the internet started to become readily available to the masses. Finally, exchange of feminist opinions and ideas could be traded in seconds.

We are nearing the end of third wave feminism, which has brought about a new interest in intersectional approaches to the plight of women across communities. No longer is the movement focused solely on the experiences of white, middle-class women. Instead issues of ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender, and more have moved to the forefront in the fight for equality between genders.

Unfortunately there is still a push back from men and women, still under the misconception that feminists are all angry, bitter, misandrists (lol, that’s a fake thing). Thousands of young women — those who are afraid of the connotations of the label — post selfies online with reasons why they “don’t need feminism” for reasons like they believe in “equality” or “my boyfriend treats me with respect.” Yeah.

As we are riding between the third and fourth waves of the movement, which is predicted to be even more inclusive and intersectional than the current wave, even a seasoned feminist like myself wrestles with certain aspects of the fight. Currently, I’m stuck working through the Free The N*pple (ironically, we’re not really allowed to even print the word because of the powers that be on the Internet) movement, made popular by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Amber Rose and more.

Is it really the intersectional feminist push that we need right now?

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