Church Kids Getting Naughty, Divorced Man Exploring Gay Side, and More Real Hot ‘n Heavy Stories

You should probably read these in private

Romance novels are still a HUGE money maker. The lonely housewives getting to pretend they are maidens in distress in the 19th century only to be saved and seduced by Khal Drogo: It gives certain women a means to escape the monotony of their real lives.

Today, though, many of us barely skim articles online because we’re so busy. That’s why we want it hot, short, and fast. Well, not when it comes to actual play time; we’ll definitly make time for that. I’m talking about going from fat romance novels to paring it down to the good, filthy X-rated bits.

If you are pressed for time when you want to rub one out, these real hot REAL life stories from Reddit is just the the thing you need too get you going or finish you off.

Unless you are fan of the work-jerk, I wouldn’t read these in public.

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