The Exciting Truth About Having an Affair

Why do some people have sidepieces?

Having a non-monogamous relationship is becoming less and less of a taboo. A couple decides that, even though they do love each other and enjoy being physically close to each other, they both want to sleep with or even date other people. A huge amount of trust and communication is involved if a couple decides to go poly or open. It’s definitely not for everyone.

More often only partner wants an outside relationship, be it romantic or just sexual. People have affairs for a number of reasons. Sometimes they aren’t sexually satisfied at home and can’t communicate it with their partner, sometimes they’re just plain ol’ scumbags.

Whether you are having an affair, being cheated on, or are the sidepiece, here are the realities of being involved in cheating.

Credit: Sonsedska Yuliia/Shutterstock

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