Creepiest Things Men Have Said While Attempting to Flirt With Women

Flirting 101

It’s hard to meet somebody these days.

Even though we have a plethora of dating apps and sites at our fingertips, our connected world can feel lonelier than ever.

If you’re younger, you’ve probably heard an older person say “Go meet somebody in person!” This may be how people did things in the “good old days” (aka pre-technology), and sure, it’s how some brave and lucky souls still meet, but in our busy lives it simply isn’t an option for anybody.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who go out every night to try and find that special someone in person… and they totally shouldn’t.

Why is it so many men seem to have failed Flirting 101? From nonconsensual touching to awful stares and painful pickup lines, too many women know the awkward and uncomfortable—even scary—sensation that comes with bad flirting. Just listen to what these women had to say when asked to share the weirdest, creepiest, and even disturbing things men have said to them while “flirting.”

Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock

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