Tantric for Beginners: How to Have Mind-Blowing Intercourse That Lasts

Try it out!

Not many people I know practice tantra. Alright, no one I know has told me that they do it. Personally, I’ve shied away from it because it seemed like I would need to read a lot of boring books, go to yoga, meditate, and a lot of other preparation I am too lazy for. And that’s not even mentioning that going at it for hours sounds like vaginal chaffing and a UTI waiting to happen.

But a basic intro level tantra can be incorporated into your next sexual encounter and there are many ways to go about it. Yes, it does involve mind and body connection, but you don’t have to be a guru to reap the rewards. All you need is a partner you are deeply connected to.

Credit: volkovslava/Shutterstock

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