Strange Things That Can Happen to Your Body After You Climax

Our bodies are so complex

Everyone’s body bounces back differently after coming: Our hormones switch up, which in turn affects our emotions and energy. Men might get sleepy, or a woman might feel the need for more orgasms.

In certain cases, however, weird things can happen to our bodies without us controlling them. Even your orgasm itself can pale in comparison to this freaky phenomena. While most of us are lucky to get some post-coital cuddling or pillow talk, other people have been known to experience a range of bizarre and even disturbing behaviors after climaxing. Even if you experience some painful or unusual aftershocks, don’t be worried! Many of these occurrences are categorized as “peri-orgasmic phenomena,” and they are not that uncommon.

Credit: Marjan Apostolovic/Shutterstock

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