When Analingus Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

Warning! Nasty, gross things ahead!

Ah, butt stuff. It feels so good for a lot of men and women, but so much can go wrong. Just the other week a guy was playing with my backside then asked me to sit on his face. I ended up farting in his mouth. He thought it was just a queef. I let him believe that because I felt so bad and was embarrassed because I actually liked the dude.

However, my story is nothing compared to these people who shared their horrifying butt-munching tales. You can only imagine the things that have happened, and they will be seared into your brain when you read this.

Pro-tip: Get your butthole waxed. No matter your gender. I swear it is NOT painful and makes butt stuff a lot more fun. But you probably won’t want anything to with bumholes after you read these true stories. You’ve been warned!

Credit: Creative 1/Shutterstock

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