Why It’s Okay to Skip Valentine’s Day Even Though You Have a Partner

Because the drugstore chocolates taste gross?

I’ve never really understand Valentines Day. I remember enjoying getting cute mini-cards from classmates in elementary school, those chalky candy “Be Mine” hearts, and sending a “secret” red rose to crushes in high school. As an adult, I find it frustrating with too many expectations involved.

A lot people love Valentine’s Day. Tons get their hair and nails done and buy sexy new outfits. Buy their partner chocolate or a bear or a nice piece of jewelry. Get reservations at the hottest restaurant in town. You know… “romantic stuff.”

Of course, a lot of Americans still go by the old gender roles that the man is the one who has to do all these things while the woman just gets pretty. Many women want to be pampered and feel cherished on V-Day. However, why do all Americans have to do this all on the same exact day?

Here are some reasons to keep the romance alive on days that aren’t Feb. 14!

Source: Imgur/Applesauceandducttape

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