Signs That Your SO Isn’t Over Their Ex

It's all about paying attention

Breaking up is hard to do. Yeah, it’s a cliché, but honestly… Has there ever been a more universal truth? Ending a relationship is, indeed, hard.

Every part of the break up process is just… well, hard. From the moment you realize your relationship is no longer working to the dreaded moment where you must share the news with your significant other to readjusting to single life, many people find themselves dragging their feet and wincing in destress.

Unfortunately, for most, breakups are a part of life. Not just for you, but for the people you’re dating as well. It’s sometimes hard to imagine when you’re jumping back in to dating that the cutie with the smile at Starbucks who always spells your name right is likely in the midst of getting over a breakup of his own. That guy with the good hair from the fourth floor? Some girl probably broke his heart – and broke it good.

The question is: Is he over her? That can be a little more difficult to sort out. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Here are the signs that your new beau is still harboring some serious feels for his ex.

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