Sure Signs Someone Is a Freak in the Sheets

It's more than tying a cherry stem knot with your tongue

Being single and dating is frustrating. Even with helpful dating apps, it’s hard to find someone to connect with, even if you meet them in real life! They don’t look like their pics, they have too man drinks, they won’t shut up, etc. It can be terrible.

On the other hand, a good first dates are awesome, especially if there is sexual chemistry there and the anticipation to get them into bed is extreme.

But what if they suck in bed? How do you know until you’re already going at it? Just because someone is sexy and charming, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are great lovers. Redditors chime in with their observations of people’s personalities, talents, and traits that tipped them off that there will be great sexy times ahead.

Credit: Elnur/Shutterstock

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