Don’t Jump! Things to Consider Before You Start a Desperate Relationship

Do they want YOU or just anyone?

I was a desperate serial monogamist for a long period of my life. I would fall in love fast and have guys move in too quickly. That’s what happened with my last serious relationship, which I now regret and it cost me three years of my life. Since then I’ve had time to reflect, question my motives, and I’ve learned from my mistakes.

Now I move cautiously when it comes to dating. I dated a guy late last year that wanted too move too fast and was very clingy. So I straight up asked him: “Do you want ME or just someone to fill the girlfriend void?” (He said he wanted me, but he cheated after a few weeks of agreeing to be monogamous, so who was right in that one?)

Being desperate for love is understandable. Sometimes being alone, especially if you live alone, can be brutal. Maybe you miss back rubs or cooking together or going to the beach and being silly. But filling that S.O. void with just anyone will not end in a happy, successful relationship more often than not…

Credit: Dragan Grkic/Shutterstock

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