The Worst Ways People Have Found Out Their SO Was Cheating

Well, they cheated, so I don't know why I'm surprised....

Finding out that you’re being cheated on is never fun, but some methods of delivery are undeniably better than others. It will always sting — as will breaking up for any reason — but if your partner sits you down and admits their betrayal to you, it’s likely to be a lot better than finding out through other channels. I mean, at least there’s respect there, you know? Not much, mind you, but at least they were honest.

That said, most people who are going to cheat are also not great at having the hard discussions (or treating their partner with respect), so a lot of times the secret ends up coming out by accident and leaving broken hearts in its wake.

Here are some of those stories.


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Breaking up is hard to do... But this is so much harder