Here’s Exactly Why You Should Hook Up With Your Ex This Holiday Season

New beginnings?

The holidays are one of the biggest break up times of the year. College students are renowned for coming back home and ending things with their high school sweetie during Thanksgiving break. Not only because they’ve been apart from each other so long, but they’ve also probably met a seemingly endless stream of other horny students they’d like to hook up with.

People wanting to end things with their parter don’t want to sit through family gatherings, faking smiles and interest when they know they are gonna cut ties the next day.

However, being single during the holidays can be really tough. No cuddling up with hot toddies under a fuzzy blanket, no thoughtful and romantic gifts, no watching stupid Christmas movies together, not to mention you have to put up with your gamgam unrelentingly pestering you about why you are single.

Towards the end of every year, many reflect on their past relationships and why it didn’t work out. Still pining for the one that got away? Here are some reasons to try to give it a go with an old flame.

Credit: AlexMaster/Shutterstock

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