She Learned Her Boyfriend Was Cheating on Her After She Saw His “Private” Video

But she still got to go to Disneyland

It’s a sad fact that cheating is pretty rampant in all races, age groups, and classes in every corner of the world. Many married people will cheat during their committed relationships, and dating couples may have even more cheaters in their midst. But hopefully the person who gets cheated on will have the fortitude to eventually move on and meet someone who truly only has eyes for them. That’s not what happened with Alison in this little tale of a love affair gone awry. She learned the hard way that if you feel in your heart he’s cheating, he probably is. So don’t go snooping around to find the heartbreaking evidence and make it even worse.

Credit: Martin Dimitrov/iStock

That's got to be the most heartbreaking way to find out he's cheating