Shallow Reasons Why People Turned Down Dates

Do you have superficial deal breakers?

Dating in 2018 is time consuming and emotionally draining. Using dating apps and sites, you have to weed through what seems like thousands of users to find someone who kind of fits the bill and hope they aren’t another scumbag. But being attracted to someone isn’t enough (unless you’re just DTF, which is cool, too), you have to have a connection.

We all have a list of qualities we want in a potential partner. You’ve got first tier stuff like they have to have ambition, a sense of humor, or be compassionate and caring. Then you get to the second tier qualities, like that they can’t have cats, must read books, be vegetarian, have a car, etc. After that, the third tier is a lot of fine tuning with really specific turn offs that may make you roll your eyes at how picky some people are. Check out what in person makes these Redditors cringe.

Credit: InesBazdar/Shutterstock

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