Ladies, This New Invention Allows You to Do It While on Your Period Without a Mess!

Flex, time to have...

Ladies, I don’t know about you, but when it’s that time of the month, I don’t want to be touched… let alone screwed. When Aunt Flo kicks into town, I feel the least sexy. With all the cramping, bloating, and uncomfortability that comes while surfing the crimson wave, the last thing on my mind is getting it on with my dude.

However, there are some women who don’t mind doing it when in the red. If you’re one of these women, wouldn’t you love a product that allows you to do it while waving the red flag, only without the mess? Well, you’re in luck because thanks to this woman, your wish is her command.

Lucky Business/Shutterstock

For those who aren't bloodhounds and care about your sheets, this one's for you