The Hottest Bits About Getting It On

Aside from getting off, of course...

Getting it on is one the greatest pleasures in life (along with Netflix and delivery). However, some people enjoy it a LOT more than others. For example, some women hate the taste of semen while others lap it up happily. Some think queefing is embarrassing, while others want to try every position in the Kama Sutra — even the ones they know they won’t manage.

Everyone is built differently, which affects their horniness level. That’s fine, not all women have to be goddesses in bed. Even with more and more women embracing their sexuality these days, the more timid type of women who approach intercourse as perfunctory will always be around. It takes all kinds, you know?

So here are some of the hottest bits about getting it on that you don’t necessarily have to love, but probably appreciate. They come with the package, babes.

Credit: DisobeyArt/Shutterstock

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