Second Date Red Flags Are More Important Than the First

Time to pull back layers...

There was a period not too long ago that I was dating furiously. I’m talking about cramming in two or three first dates a week. I learned a lot in that time. In retrospect, the most important take away is that I was too rash to dismiss some of the men after just one date. I neglected their feelings. I didn’t pick-up on the fact that most of them were nervous, intimidated, or shy. I’d wave my hand, thinking, “I don’t want a wiener anyway.”

I was waiting for a man to come in guns blazing like I was doing.

There are a million articles and blog posts about red flags on first dates. Honestly, no one really needs to read those if they are smart, intuitive, and trust their own guts.

However, going on a second date means both parties were intrigued enough to find out more. The second date is where you both reveal more of yourself instead of chitchat and pleasantries. It’s the real test. If these red flags come up during your second date, then gingerly walk away and onto the next one.

Credit: TeodorLazarev/Shutterstock

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