The Right and Wrong Ways to Do Butt Stuff to Your Man

Communication and lubrication

It seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without reading or hearing about straight couples engaging in anal penetration, analingus, and other sexual things to do with the bums of both parties. More and more men are embracing their sexuality and shrugging the ridiculous stereotype that doing butt stuff is “gay” (please dump that guy if he’s the kind you’re dating).

There are guys who are extremely experienced with all techniques of having their bum played with. There are guys that aren’t curious and don’t want anything but toilet paper, soap, and water touching that area. Then there’s the guys who are curious, yet anxious. If you are in a relationship and have yet to discuss anything anal, here’s how to go about introducing him gently and slowly the awesomeness of the hole.

Credit: Expensive/Shutterstock

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