The Wildest Revenge Stories People Got on Their Dirty, Cheating Exes

DIY Karma

Most of us have been cheated on, whether we’ve known it or not. If you do find out, your heart literally hurts plus sad thoughts and emotions swirl around nonstop. Finding out you’ve been cheated on is a breach of love, trust, and communication that come with little to no warning.

Some of us scream, some curl up and cry, but other people want vengeance. You may feel like getting violent, but you don’t want to end up in jail, do you? So what can you do to give a big “F*** YOU!” to you ex and have it actually get through their selfish, traitorous heads? That’s when we look to pranks. Not the cutesy office type ones… The ones that really mess with them so they know not to mess with you ever again.

Looking to truly upset someone off who did you wrong? These Redditors have some ingenious ideas of getting back at that ex.

Credit: vchal/Shutterstock