Retro Relationship Advice We Don’t Want to Take

You got the gams, but are you a dead hoofer, kitten?

As people get older, many of us tend to look back at the past with rose colored glasses: Choosing to remember the “good ol’ days” and blocking out the nasty bits like war, racism, sexism, and more. There’s tons of romanticizing of the early 20th century in our culture ― especially for white women. Nostalgia for the Gatsby years, the glamour of old Hollywood, and of fabulous icons like Grace Kelly or Katherine Hepburn abound. But let’s get real ― days past, particularly those days, were often anything but glamorous.

You want proof? Let’s take a look at what dating was supposed to be like in the early 20th century, you know, according to magazines. More often than not, they didn’t just teach women how to date but how to conduct themselves in marriage, too! After all, you only date to find a husband, right?

Get ready, folks… it’s gonna be a wild (and disheartening) ride.

Credit: Click Photo-Parade Magazine

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