Before the Bedroom: Red Flags to Look for in Someone’s Apartment

Did they scoop the cat poop?

When it comes to dating, most of us like to put our best foot forward to make a good impression in the beginning. We’re not gonna pop pimples in front of them, go on rants about how much we hate our exes, nor talk about any jail time we did. Sometimes being nice and polite makes it hard for red flags to appear in the beginning.

So, hopefully, we end up making a connection with someone and go back to their place for some making out and possibly more. Whether this happens on the first date or seventh is a matter of consent for both parties. If this new person seems too good to be true, glance over their apartment for clues that they may be not quite who they say they are.

The women of AskReddit were asked what they look for when visiting a new boo’s home… and they delivered!

Source: Imgur/poisonedbymercury

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