The Real Reasons Why Younger Men Prefer Older Women

More than just cougars...

Everyone knows about cougars: sexy older women who still a zest for, um, proclivities. But did you know there’s entire “Feline Scale” on Urban Dictionary?! Age 18-21: Wildcat. Age 22-29: Lynx. Age 30-39: Puma. Age 40-49: Cougar. Age 50-59: Jaguar. It goes on, of course.

I am a proud puma, but have no desire to invite 18-year-old boys into my bed for various reasons, not hte least of which being their lack of skills. But I can understand why younger men find women that are quite a bit older than them very appealing… and it’s more than just their sexual experience.

Credit: Deborah Kolb/Shutterstock

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