Reasons Why Some Women Moan and Scream in Bed (And Are Louder Than Men!)

We are women, hear us roar!

Maybe it’s from adult films or firsthand experience, but you’ve probably noticed that us women tend to vocalize our pleasure more than our male counterparts. As humans, it seems like we are inclined to make noises related to different feelings ― you know, like moaning when your stomach is upset or blurting out “brr” when you are cold. It should make sense that with something intense like an orgasm, making moaning or screaming noises would be natural. Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. I’ve had partners that don’t make a peep; even when coming they don’t make a sound. It mystifies me.

So why do women moan and scream? Has it always been this way? This is something for both men and women to read. New facts about doing it never hurts.

Credit: Arthur-studio10/Shutterstock

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