Reasons Men Should Become Experts At Oral

Munch it!

Some men straight up ask for some oral action out of the blue. Or the lazy grab-your-hand-and-put-it-on-his-crotch move while watching Netflix. Men tend to be more vocal about their sexual needs than women. Unless the woman in question is an alpha or dom, most of us take what we can get when it comes to cunnulingus.

Of course, there’s that rare man who refuses to eat out his girl or hates doing it so it’s not even enjoyable when he tries for ten seconds. On the other hand, there are many guys who love it so much that it seems like they’re doing it for themselves instead of for the pleasure of the woman.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why it’s beneficial to women if they get someone’s face between their legs more often. Both men and women should read this.