Red Flags That Made People Instantly Drop Their SO

Skedaddle Time!

Dumping someone because they cheated is extremely understandable. There are lot of other serious, understandable offenses that would make someone end a relationship on the spot.

But what if the offender is someone new if your life? One would think that both parties would be on their best behavior in the beginning of a blossoming relationship, right? Most of us hold back hissy fits, farts, and asking them to squeeze that damn pimple on your back.

However, sometimes someone you just started seeing may say or do something off-putting, making it stick in your mind. Maybe the sirens went off immediately after they reveal one little quirk or does one mean thing to make you NOPE out of there right away. You have to have standards, right?

Redditors divulge what the people they were seeing did that was a major red flag.

Credit: marcogarrincha/Shutterstock

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