Perfect Positions for Women Who Feel Insecure About Their Bodies

Get off without being self-conscious

In my world, LeeLand, I would wave my magic battle axe and rid the people of my land of insecurities. Got a pot belly? Who cares! Cellulite? That’s nothing! But unfortunately LeeLand doesn’t exist (yet), and we are flawed humans who have been trained to feel shame and embarrassment about certain parts of our body.

Intercourse is probably the only time where we are expected to get totally undressed, exposing our bodies ― perceived flaws and all ― for someone to get turned on by us. Some people don’t give AF, while others can’t relax and enjoy every position because they’re hung up about what is presented and exposed. So here are some bedroom positions you can try out that will hopefully make you more comfortable with sharing your body. Because your body is beautiful and you deserve to get down even if you’re feeling insecure.

Credit: Primoz_Korosec/Shutterstock

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