Pleasure Robots Are No Longer a Weird Fantasy but a Very DISTURBING Reality

The Fembots have arrived

Surely men have been humping on inanimate objects since the beginning of time, but the first manufactured doll for getting off was invented in the 17th century by dutch sailors. Calling them dame de voyage or dama de viaje, the dolls were for the sailors to take to sea for those lonely nights. (They were made of cloth and shared between men, making them very unsanitary.) These dolls even made their way to Japan, where they are still sometimes referred to as “Dutch wives.”

Fast forward to the blow up dolls of the ’70s that were vinyl and air. Fast forward to the game-changing Realdoll which is made of silicone, customizable, and very costly.

Every time there is a new technology, it’s smut that leads the way… like with VHS tapes and the internet. However, men (and women) want more. So, the sexbot is finally here.

Is this a scary step towards AI or a life-changer for men who cannot get a human woman?

Source: Instagram @thestacyleigh

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