People Who Slept With Family Members Explain How It All Happened

Do we need Jerry Springer here?

Coming from a small family, I didn’t have cousins to play with or a step-brother to swoon over. However, add in in-laws along with their families, and family reunions can get huge. Large families can make for large problems. Besides the fights and slights, I’m talking about family members that want to be as close as possible.

There are teenagers filled with hormones who have step-siblings around their age, distant relatives who meet for the first time, and lonely in-laws. While incest is illegal in the U.S., each state has it’s own definition of the word. Some states still allow getting sexy with cousins, while in other states it’s illegal to get involved with even step-family.

Who pays attention to laws these days though? These Redditors have some amazing stories of canoodling with their kin.

Credit: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock

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