Shady Waters Run Deep: People Who Catfish and Why?

These people reveal why they kept their real identity under wraps

Catfishing. Maybe you’ve been a victim of this cruel online game. Or maybe you’ve been the person hiding behind your computer screen and trapping an innocent and hopeless lover.

Whatever the case may be, pretending to be someone you aren’t in reality is actually one of the internet’s best and biggest scam. And while it’s not illegal to assume the identity of someone who isn’t your true persona, it’s certainly a crime of the heart. Hiding behind the internet and disguising their true intentions, catfishing has become a common practice¬†and widely talked about issue in the social media community, even managing to be over popularized by MTV’s hit reality show Catfish.

But what makes people decide to deceive these unsuspecting hopeless romantics that they barely know? These bottom feeders decided to fess up and give the inside scoop on their catfishing experiences and just why they decided to play this underhanded game.

Credit: @thekingandqueenofcheese/ IMGUR

The internet is a scary place. We've got proof.