Stories From People Who Were Virgins Until Marriage

What's it like when you've waited so long?

According to the Center for Disease Control, the average age for an American to lose their virginity is 17. And if you were fortunate enough to go to college, you probably know that there is a lot of promiscuity during that time… even afterwards. Our society in inundated with sexual content at every turn. From Instagram models, to Victoria’s Secret ads, to leading actors in movies — it’s hard not to get all worked up over them all.

In spite of that, many adults all over the world are forced or choose to refrain from intercourse before they are properly wed for religious reasons. (Some of the stricter religions even forbid self-pleasure.) So what is it like to wait until you’ve found the love of your life before you finally get to have some carnal knowledge?

These Redditors dish on how their first time went.

Credit: Alexandru Logel/Shutterstock

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