Bold or Bizarre: People Walk Around NYC Shouting About Their STIs

Freaks in the Sheets?

Sexually transmitted infections are everywhere. While protection helps you, many of us will still contract some affliction, from something minor to something life changing. While things like herpes and HIV are the butt of many jokes, not many are aware that 110 million Americans with contract some sort of STI in their lifetime. According to the CDC, one in every six people have genital herpes.

If you have acquired gonorrhea, chlamydia, or HIV, society makes you feel like a leper, as if you are dirty, and makes judgements about your sexuality. So, you keep it secret, but it shouldn’t have to be that way. These people reveal their afflictions publicly. And loudly. These men and women are still humans, no matter what affliction they have.

Watch them in action.

Credit: Facebook @ComplexNetworks

Would you be brave enough?
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