This Is What It’s Like to Pay Your Way Through College as an Escort

It may not be the best, but it really pays the bills

It’s not unheard of for college girls to turn to stripping on the side to be able to afford their classes, but it appears that all kinds of students over the world are turning to every form of adult work just to get by. In the U.K., the practice is becoming so widespread that a group has formed to advocate on the behalf of young adults turning to doing escort work. They explained themselves, “The Student S-x Work Project is a three year project funded by the BIG Lottery.The overall purpose of the Project is to promote learning and understanding about student s-x worker needs and associated issues, and to provide an innovative sexual health service to a marginalised population through an ethical, empowering research led framework.”

They found that 3.4% of college girls in the U.K. have started s-x work to pay their bills. Five percent of male students are doing the same. Here are their stories.

Credit: sakkmesterke/Shutterstock

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