Freaky Sexual Adventures From the Past That People Are Keeping From Their S/O

Sexy secrets!

Everyone has a dark side. Wading at the back of most people’s personalities, it’ll remain dormant until something or someone coaxes it out. If your dark side is drawn out during sexy time, it can get… crazy. From orgies to BDSM, there is a sexy activity for everyone’s naughtier nature.

Although, you may not end up with the person who let your night-time freak flag fly. As tragic as it may be, you may end up with someone more… vanilla, forced to hide the darkest (and, probably, the best) parts of your sexual history.

While these Redditors couldn’t tell their significant others about their past, they can tell us. After all, is it really that bad these Redditors are keeping these sexual adventures from their lovers?

Credit: Yuricazac/Shutterstock

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