The “Other Women” Share Their Dirty Little Secrets About How They Became Involved With Married Men

That Awkward Moment When You Realize He's Married

You’ve entered the honesty circle, so let’s be 100% truthful. Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Reynolds are #baematerial. These attractive men are at the top of wish lists of single and married women alike. Them being married doesn’t really play a factor, does it?

After seeing Dirty Dancing, how many women wanted to date give it all to Johnny? A good number. Regardless of Baby and her relationship with Johnny, tons of women still fantasied about being with him.

Yes, Dirty Dancing is a fictional movie. For that matter, Gosling, Tatum, and Reynolds aren’t worried about any woman other than their wives, but the point is… Relationships look good on men, making them more attractive than an available, single man.

Think about it… A married man has already proven that he isn’t afraid of commitment, he is the ultimate forbidden fruit, and, if a women knows him well enough, she gets a front row seat to how wonderfully he treats his girl. Studies have also shown that married men are healthier and have more stable jobs than single men.

Songs, books, and even movies — tons of movies — have been written about how relationships unfold once an “other women” comes into the picture. It gets ugly. When you really think about it though… Can you truly blame a women for being attracted to a married man?

Now, acting on that attraction is another situation. The “other women” have stepped up to explain themselves though. Straight from the horse’s mouth, here is why a single women went after another women’s husband…

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