Weirdest Things That People Have Gotten Stuck in Their Vag

They are not pockets

There are some people in the world who like to insert random items into their bum. You know, light bulbs, sunglasses, action figures? That kind of stuff. There are also people with peens who take pleasure in sticking things up their urethra. Yes, from chopsticks to jump ropes to forks and even animals, people put all kinds of things up there.

Apparently, who have uteri are no different. A vag can can stretch pretty well, so it’s easy to see how something can get lost in there. If you are the type to have playtime with random household objects, know that they can easily get stuck up in there, which often requires a trip the ER. Let’s undercover what’s been hiding in some intimate places…

Credit: pathdoc/Shutterstock

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