Weirdest Things That People Have Gotten Stuck In Their Peens

People are messed up

No doubt we’ve all seen those viral x-rays of weird items stuck up people’s butts. You know, a beer bottle, a lightbulb, a gun… While those stories can be hilarious, the fact is that putting household objects up your bumhole is extremely dangerous. It can result not only in an embarrassing and expensive hospital visit, but a messed up colon for the rest of your life. It’s not worth it!

Never forget the stupidity of the human race though. Up the arse isn’t the only dumb place people stick foreign objects to try get off. Little boys and girls are naturally curious about their genitals, but after a few decades of living, you’d think some people learn what would be a good or bad idea to do with your junk. Think again.

These people probably should have thought twice about what their wang is for.

Credit: SimplyDay/Shutterstock

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