Check Out This New App That Records Consent So You Can Avoid Assault

No Means No.

There is perhaps nothing more terrifying than one human being attacking or attempting to degrade the dignity of another person.

And yet we do it in so many little ways. Insults, hurtful words, and everyday actions we may not even realize we’re doing. All of these things can continuously bring somebody down to their breaking point.

Of course there are worse ways to deeply, even permanently injure a person, and that is via sexual assault. Perhaps the most terrible thing a person can do to someone else short of murder, sexual assault is a startling epidemic around the world that so many people still seem to turn a blind eye to. And so much of this disturbing ignorance comes down to a “he said, she said” mentality.

Well you might not have to just rely on words and recollections any longer.

Credit: Gabrielle Lurie/Getty Images

This app could save lives
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