People Share The Most Awkward Things That’ve Happened While They Were Getting Their Freak On

Just. Don't.

The first time I had ever had p-in-v, my mom came home early. It made for a memorable virginity-losing story. While teenaged-me was mortified, it would turn out that it wasn’t the only awkward thing that’s happened to me through the years. Like the time I was fully clothed, making out with a guy on a first date and he just slaps me out of nowhere. “WTF?!,” you say? It actually happened again a few years later. I guess I just have a slap-able face.

I’m certain you’ve got stories, too. When anyone chooses to be sexually active, like with anything in life, the unpredictable can happen. Maybe you are taking your story to the grave, but these anonymous lovers decided to share the love and entertain the internet with their awkward tales of bedroom woes.

Credit: YuriyZhuravov/Shutterstock

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