Awkward Moments When People Were Caught Watching Adult Vids

Nothing is stopping these guys

Almost every guy watches adult films… not to mention a lot of women, too! It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Pleasuring yourself is completely natural and even encouraged by doctors. But for most people, it’s something reserved for alone time.

You jerk off at home, right? Maybe for some of you, at work. But I imagine you like your privacy. Not these guys!

They probably don’t have a gadget to watch internet with, so they have to make their private time a little more public. Apparently, they don’t care that you — and maybe dozens of other people — know about their tastes in XXX flicks. From libraries to public transportation, when you get that tingle in your crotch, you gotta check out some T & A, or even some D. Although these fellas don’t have their junk out, they just NEED to see some hot naked bodies RIGHT NOW and nothing is stopping them!


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