Mom Slept With Daughter’s Husband and Tried to Kill Him After He Admitted It

Keeping It in the Family

The divorce rate is currently about 40% for first marriages. It’s understandable that over the years (or decades) people grow apart, fight about money, and experience a slew of other stressors that add to not wanting to be together anymore. However, the number one reason people file for divorce is infidelity. Both men and woman have their own reasons for extramarital affairs, but none are justifiable.

The worst part: Only some cheaters will get caught.

While all cheating is painful, you could argue that a significant other cheating with a member of your family is worst of all. That’s betrayal from not just one but two people who you love and trust.

A Florida man confessed to his wife that he had been sleeping with her own mother. You would expect the wife to (rightfully) flip her s***, but it was her mother who went off the deep end. This is some Maury noise right here.

Credit: nd3000/Shutterstock