Men Share Their Brutally Honest Thoughts When Going Down On A Woman For the First Time

Traveling downtown can be difficult to navigate.

Going down on a guy for the first time is a little intimidating. If you watched any adult films though, you know that it’s pretty much really easy. (The only rule is that there is no teeth involved in the act.) Of course, it takes a lot of oral to become a queen of it, especially if you take cues from the guy.

For cunnulingus, though, it’s a lot trickier. Some prefer clitoral stimulation, some like being teased around the lips, while others like it to be balls-to-the-wall. It’s not something you can really pick-up from XXX movies because you can barely see what’s going on. So most guys are going in blind for the initial time.

Learn from these Redditers. They have no issues telling the world about their awkward, bumbling first time eating a girl out.

Credit: Dmitri Ma/Shutterstock

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