Men Explain the Most Mindblowing BJ They EVER Received

Tips for the tip

One of my favorite comedians, Chris Rock, said there are three types of women when it comes to giving head:
1. Those who don’t
2. Women who give you just enough to shut you up
3. The woman who likes nothing better than to suck a D

These first person stories of guys getting the best oral of the their life probably come from that last type of woman. I’m a giver, so I am the latter type of lady. For me, being a short weakling, the feeling of having that much physical control over a man is an adrenaline rush. Or maybe some #3’s are competitive and want that Best BJ Ever title under their belt. Or maybe you give fantastic ones to get something in return. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of reasons why someone would want to be champ at sucking it.

And if you’re not a #3 type of person? Well maybe you can learn some pointers if you want to achieve pro status. Be warned, these stories just might get you worked up.

Credit: Mikhail Reshetnikov/Shutterstock

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